Nearly four decades of global shark
conservation and research

Welcome to Cape Cod Shark Diver – a photographic portfolio of the most enigmatic shark species on Planet Earth. The western North Atlantic Ocean is our frontier for encountering these magnificent but often misunderstood animals. Here the cold nutrient rich waters of the Gulf of Maine mix the warm blue waters of the gulf stream, producing a dynamic mix of conditions attracting some of the most spectacular shark species.

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Great White Sharks Hunt in Shallow Waters
Great White Intersection

Fatal Great White Shark Attack in Cape Cod!
Great White Intersection

Great White Sharks Don’t Play by the Rules
Great White Intersection

How I Got the Shot:
Photographing Great White Sharks off Cape Cod
National Geographic

Under Threat

It would be improper to have a website dedicated to the photographic beauty of sharks without discussing big issues facing most shark species today. Many species found on this site are under threat, with long-line fishing and habitat destruction leading to the global collapse of many shark species. Sharks are long lived animals, slow to reproduce, and are apex predators poorly able to adapt to population decline. Sustained modern pressure could lead to the extinction of species present on earth for over 100 million years in our near future.

Thomas M. Burns, DVM
Principal Investigator

Dr. Tom Burns has been diving and photographing sharks for over 30 years and has experienced hundreds of hours of interactions with the most iconic shark species. He has spent almost 40 years of studying sharks through formal and informal coursework and leadership of shark related grant projects in veterinary medicine. While his pursuit of shark encounters has taken him around the world, it’s the sharks of New England that have become his focus.