Sharks of the World

While many of the shark species that visit New England are iconic, there are over 500 species of sharks worldwide. Traveling from Australia, South Africa to Hawaii and beyond, lucky divers can encounter spectacular shark species. In this section you will find some of the species we think might be the coolest sharks on Planet Earth.

Blacktip Reef Shark
Carcharhinus Melanopterus

Bull Shark
Carcharhinus Leucas

Galapagos Shark
Carcharhinus Galapagensis

Great Hammerhead Shark
Sphyrna Mokarran

Lemon Shark
Negaprion Brevirostris

Leopard Shark
Triakis Semifasciata

Oceanic Blacktip Shark
Carcharhinus Limbatus

Oceanic Whitetip Shark
Carcharhinus Longimanus

Reef White Tip Shark
Triaenodon Obesus

Sandbar Shark
Carcharhinus Plumbeus

Silvertip Shark
Carcharhinus Albimarginatus

Tiger Shark
Galeocerdo Cuvier